Hi, my name is M. I’m currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in nutritional sciences, with the plan of obtaining my Registered Dietitian certification after graduation. I am also a dancer. I studied ballet since I was 4, and danced pre-professionally from when I was 12 until I graduated high school. I don’t dance as seriously anymore, but I still take classes for recreation and teach ballet to students aged 6-18. I am also many things aside of being a nutrition student aspiring to be an RD and a dancer, but more on those later.

The idea for this blog came to me in the shower. Literally. I was in there about 2 hours ago and now I’m here. Dancer To Dietitian was created to be another creative outlet for me and to share my experiences with anyone who may be going through similar things. So, I hope this is helpful to someone out there. And, if it isn’t, well, it’s fun and helpful for me to get these thoughts out.

Just a heads up, there will be sensitive content in these blogs sometimes, so I ask any and every reader to be respectful of me and to anyone else who may read these blogs. The stories I tell here are real life experiences I went through and even though I am in a much better place now, they still were hard times. Also, please don’t leave insensitive comments. That may invalidate my or someone else’s experiences, which is a really shitty thing to do. So, please don’t. I want this to be a place where positive thoughts are shared, so all nasty comments will be deleted.

Thanks for having interest in my blog, and I hope that whatever journey you are on, my writings help a little!